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James R. Lance Named San Diego ABOTA President

James Lance being sworn in as ABOTA president

James R. Lance Named San Diego ABOTA President

James R. Lance, founding partner of NoonanLance, has been selected as the 2024 President of the San Diego Chapter of The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), a highly respected organization of the top trial attorneys in the U.S.

ABOTA is an invitation-only association committed to the preservation of civil jury trials and comprised of the country’s leading judges and trial lawyers. Lance was admitted to ABOTA in 2013, at a time when a minimum of 20 jury trials to verdict was required. An extensive investigation is conducted to ensure a prospective member is not only an excellent trial attorney but also practices law with the highest level of civility, integrity and professionalism.

Lance was sworn in as ABOTA President by the Hon. Kenneth J. Medel at the San Diego Chapter’s holiday party aboard the Berkeley Ferryboat before 140 attorneys, judges and guests. The San Diego Chapter was formed in 1962 and its Past Presidents were honored at the same event, including fellow NoonanLance Founding Partner David J. Noonan, the 2006 San Diego ABOTA President.

In 2021, while a member of the ABOTA executive board, Lance founded a partnership with Morse High School, an underserved school in Southeast San Diego. Lance continues to spearhead the Morse partnership. Monthly meetings are held at Morse to encourage students to consider a career in the legal field. Featured speakers include lawyers and judges, as well as bailiffs, clerks, private investigators and those in other legal careers.

To encourage the students to set high goals, each speaker shares their personal journey and the difficulties, hurdles and negativity they overcame along the way. As one ABOTA member said during his presentation: “Build a bridge to who and what you want to be, and ignore those who want to undermine you or your bridge.”

The students also compete in oral argument competitions for cash prizes and meet with judges during courthouse tours. The program continues to grow and generate positive results – for both students and ABOTA volunteers.

“I am proud that our ABOTA members regularly volunteer to provide support for our community,” Lance said. “I also am honored to be the 2024 President and will do my best to follow the lead of the incredibly talented men and women who have gone before me.”

To learn more, visit sdabota.org.

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